Ever wonder exactly what it takes to create truly exceptional UX?

This star-studded UX meetup will showcase the process and outcomes behind recent winning work from top repeat UX Awards winners and judges. We’ll then pull back the curtain and discuss what goes into creating outstanding work so you can get actionable advice and tips to apply to your next project.


  • 15M: Intro to the UX Awards & background on the panelists
  • 45-60M: 3 case studies on current or past award-winning projects from 3 Seattle winners and judges- 15-20m each
  • 30M: Panel with Q&A on what makes exceptional, award-winning UX
  • 15-30M: Networking

This event is hosted by General Assembly, in partnership with UXPA and UX awards. Visit the site to find out about the presenters and how to register. Tickets are free. Look forward to seeing you there!